Backing Bearings for Multi-Roll Rolling Cluster Mills - (Replace NSK)

Backing Bearings for Multi-Roll Rolling Cluster Mills - (Replace NSK)

Back-Up Roll Bearings for Sendzimir Mills The bearings for this application have very thick outer rings compared with ordinary bearings because the bearing periphery serves as the back-up ro. Since these bearings must maintain high precision under heavy load, they are designed to have the maximum oad capacity. The types available are cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and needle roller bearings, with cylindrical roller bearings being most popular. Since 3PL type cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings cannot sustain axial loads, plastic thrust rings are used for the axial loads. Several back-up roll bearings are mounted on one shaft and their outer ring peripheries serve as the back-up roll. Therefore, the outer ring radial runout and thickness variation after mounting are strictly controlled. lf the outer ring peripheries become rough, the bearings can be reused by regrinding the surface.


NSK Sendzimir mill bearing model list

A list of available bearings can be found in the following dimensions table. For any dimensions which are not on the table, please consult FV.

NSK Sendzimir rolling mill bearing model list

rolling mill bearings, Roll neck bearings, Tapered roller bearings, Spherical roller bearings
Bearing DesignationBoundary Dimensions  (mm)Basic Load Ratings  (kN)Permissible Radial Load (kN)FigureRadial Thickness When DeliveredMass  (kg)

H (mm)approx.

2U50-4  *2U50-4g35012080801.51.5257385147934.9765.2
2U50-6  *2U50-6g350120858511.5305435113934.9845.3

S55-2  *S55-2g55512026261.61.674.514290.2532.51.7
S55-1  S55-1g55512052.2521.61.6159375185532.4853.4




2U90-18  *STF2U90-18g49022095951.12590880347864.98220.8
2U90-1190220120119136851 02041186526
2U90-1790220122119136851 0204108SP6527
3U90-190220120120126751 260494264.9827.2
3U90-490220130130126801 0904992SP64.98228.7

2U100-14  *2U100-14g3100225120119235501 000586862.527.2
3PL100-1A100225120120227151 350542162.4727.5
2U100-15100260130130229501 58061710SP79.9741.5

3U110-41102801651652.521 1201 880818284.96560.2

3U115-31152601401401.129401 660613272.4742.1

2U120-151202801651652.521 1902 060802979.96558
3U120-4120300160160221 1801 9608472SP89.96666.7
2U120-141203501651652.521 3702 2201 1409114.96598.5

2U130-32130300132129241 0401 5805908SP8552.3
*2U130-32g2  *STF2U130-32g3

2U130-34130300.0215014921.11 1001 8507329SP85.0160.9
3PL130-2C  *3PL130-2Cg2130300160159.52
1 4702 670799184.9566.6
3PL130-1C130300172.64172.64241 5802 930862184.9571.8
3PL130-1F130300172.64172.64241 5802 9308621SP84.9572
*3PL130-1Fg2  *STF3PL130-1Fg3

3PL130-1Y130300.02172.64172.64231 5802 930862184.96572.1
3PL130-7B130300172.64172.64241 5802 930862184.9572
2U130-26130300172.644172.644241 3702 440854984.95569.1
2U130-36  *2U130-36g2130300172.644172.644341 2402 1508081184.95568.8
2U130-16B130300172.64170221 2402 1508001184.9571.2
3U130-2130300172.64171.6241 3202 3008661284.9569.4
2U130-29B1303501751752.521 4502 4101 2309109.965102

2U179Z-3179.984406.4224220.6633.31 9503 5501 46011113.205168
2U179Z-14  *STF2U179Z-14gA5179.984406.43224.25220342 2504 2501 57011113.181161

3PL180-3B180406.42171.04171.042.142 0603 8001 2201113.155129
3PL180-3E180406.42171.04171.042.142 0603 8001 2201113.155129
2U180-3  *STF2U180-3g3180406.42171.04171.040.611 9003 3001 1509113.16125
2U180-5180406.42171.04170231 6502 8501 2208113.2124
2U180-5A180406.42171.04170231 6502 8501 2208113.2124
2U180-7  *STF2U180-7g3180406.42171.04171.04341 5602 6601 1508113.155123
2U180-8180406.42176170231 6502 8501 2208113.2128
3PL180-1B  *3PL180-1Bg2180406.42172172.11.52 5505 0001 5601113.16164
3U180-2  *3U180-2g2180406.42242202.11.52 0503 7501 58012113.16162
3U180-3180406.42242202.11.52 0503 7501 58012113.205162
3PL180-2A  *3PL180-2Ag2180406.422242242.11.52 6105 1501 6101113.155169
2U180-4  *STF2U180-4g3180406.422242240.612 3604 4001 5109113.16164
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