• High precision & speed bearings for Wire mill

    & MORGOIL bearingsFV bearings comply with the requirement that the bearings of high-speed wire rod finishing mills must work continuously, reliably and stably at high speed and high impact. We use

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  • Congratulations to FV Bearing for Opening up a New Market

    Congratulations to FV Bearing for opening up a new market --Nepal. The new batch of four-row cylindrical roller bearings will be shipped to Nepal for use in the rebar rolling line.Four-row cylindrical

    2020/12/30 FV bearing 9

  • Wind Power Bearing Classification and Production Process

    In recent years, wind power generation, as a renewable and green new clean energy, are highly valued by every country and be made considerable progress.The wind power bearings mainly include: yaw bear

    2020/12/11 FV Bearing 6

  • Application of Rolling Mill Bearings in Metallurgical Equipment

    FV BEARING specializes in manufacturing support rolls, intermediate rolls, and work roll rolling mill bearings in the steel industry, especially four-row cylindrical roller bearing and four-row taper

    2020/12/08 FV Bearing 13

  • A Stronger Design of Four-row Cylindrical Rolling Mill Bearings

    Reinforced design of four row cylindrical roller bearings. Windows type steel cage, special solid rollers.

    2020/01/23 FV Bearing 4


    rolling mill bearing, double row taper roller bearing, four rows taper roller bearing, four rows cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearin

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