• Typical bearing configuration of high speed wire rod mill

    各件轴承清单Make of Branin sparerprtar 位置Location 轴承名称 Name 轴承型号 Model 1-6寸辊箱备件 6 Inch roller box spare parts 滑动轴承 sliding bearing GXJ135-09/6"-35 MRC Morgan 6寸辊箱备件 6 Inch roller box spare parts

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  • Spring Bush Bearing for Continuous Casting Mill

    There are several types of bearing that can be used for CCM (continuous casting mill), like Spherical roller bearing, Carb bearing and cylindrical roller bearing.In addition, there is a special kind o

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  • High precision & speed bearings for Wire mill

    & MORGOIL bearingsFV bearings comply with the requirement that the bearings of high-speed wire rod finishing mills must work continuously, reliably and stably at high speed and high impact. We use

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  • Congratulations to FV Bearing for Opening up a New Market

    Congratulations to FV Bearing for opening up a new market --Nepal. The new batch of four-row cylindrical roller bearings will be shipped to Nepal for use in the rebar rolling line.Four-row cylindrical

    2020/12/30 FV bearing 13

  • Wind Power Bearing Classification and Production Process

    In recent years, wind power generation, as a renewable and green new clean energy, are highly valued by every country and be made considerable progress.The wind power bearings mainly include: yaw bear

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  • Application of Rolling Mill Bearings in Metallurgical Equipment

    FV BEARING specializes in manufacturing support rolls, intermediate rolls, and work roll rolling mill bearings in the steel industry, especially four-row cylindrical roller bearing and four-row taper

    2020/12/08 FV Bearing 14

  • A Stronger Design of Four-row Cylindrical Rolling Mill Bearings

    Reinforced design of four row cylindrical roller bearings. Windows type steel cage, special solid rollers.

    2020/01/23 FV Bearing 4


    rolling mill bearing, double row taper roller bearing, four rows taper roller bearing, four rows cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearin

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