Ball bearings

Ball bearings are usually made of bearing steel, stainless steel, ceramic, but the materials and overall design can vary greatly depending on the specific job at hand. It can also include flanges, cages, and multi-row bearings to achieve higher perfo...

Roller Bearings

Roller bearings, known as rolling-element bearings, are similar to ball bearings in that they are designed to carry a load while minimizing friction,As opposed to ball bearings, roller bearings have barrel-shaped rolling elements instead of spherical...

Special Bearings

Slewing ring bearing is a special bearing that can bear particularly large axial load and overturning moment. Mainly ball sliding bearings, roller sliding bearings, ball roller combined sliding ring bearing. At the same time, the rotary table bearing...

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Industrial bearings are simple mechanical components, but are essential for motion applications. The purpose of the bearing is to reduce the friction between two moving parts by making the surface roll instead of sliding.

The bearing consists of smooth rollers or metal balls and smooth inner and outer surfaces (called raceways) on which the rollers or balls roll. These rollers or balls act as a load carrier for the device, allowing it to rotate freely.

Bearings usually encounter two kinds of loads: radial load and axial load. Radial loads occur perpendicular to the shaft, while axial loads occur parallel to the shaft. Depending on the application in which the bearing is used, some bearings can bear both loads at the same time.

All bearings need to exhibit low friction, minimal runout or clearance guidance, quiet operation, low lubricant requirements, low wear and long service life.

In addition to all these factors, different industries also have their own special requirements based on special operating environments. Some of these include: Temperature change, Moisture content,Speed/revolutions per minute ,Stain resistant etc.

The FV Bearing application mainly industries include steel industry, papermaking, wind energy, mining, agriculture and cement industry.

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Looking for ball bearings, roller bearings or special bearings? FV bearing industries provides the best bearings products cover all types of bearings and even special bearings.

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News and knowledge about ball bearings, roller bearings, special bearings,
deep groove ball bearings, and thrust roller bearings

Roller Bearings of Four Rows model lists...

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are widely used for steel plabts, generally used on the neck of milling cylinders, of calenders and of rolling pr...

The influence of the correct selection o...

As is known to all, grease is one of the important factors of premature bearing failure.

Precautions for loading, unloading, stor...

Many of the FV slewing bearing size is large,so in the loading and unloading and transportation process, all need to be extra careful.

Industries FV Bearings Serve

FV Bearings Applied in Many Industries

FV Bearings are applied in many different industries such as aerospace, automobile,
agriculture, chemical plants, power plants, manufacturing, machinery and more.



Bearings applied in metallurgy.



Bearings used in Mining and Mineral industries. Bearings for Mining Machinery Tough bearings offer longer service life under demanding mining conditions through FV's wealth of outstanding technologies.

Cement Making

Cement Making

Machinery bearing solutions for Cement Making Factory

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Gear Box

Gear Box

Gear box bearings, bearings applied in gear box.

Mineral Handling

Mineral Handling

Mineral Handling Industrial Bearings

Paper Making

Paper Making

Paper Making




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FV Bearing is a leading supplier of precision bearings and bearings related products across a large spectrum of customers – preimarily OEMs and major distributors.

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FV Bearings Co.Ltd has rich experiences in bearings manufacturing and processing, the professional bearing engineers can handle your requirements on bearings exactly and output the accurate bearing products.

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FV Bearings is a leading roller bearings manufacturer provides high quality and durable roller bearings for different industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, power plants, chemistry industry, agriculture and other fields.

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If you are looking for special bearings and high end bearings, FV bearings can help you to customize any special bearings according to your needs based on advanced bearings manufacturing technology.

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