Spring bush bearings

Spring bush bearings

The Spiral bush bearing is a special bearing type, and its rolling contact is its main support element. The roller of this bearing is made from a special cross-section steel belt roll, forming a hollow roller divided into two types: left-handed and right-handed.

The spiral bush bearing is mainly used to withstand the radial and axial combination load, especially in parts that are not high in rotation accuracy and often have large impact loads. The spiral roller of this bearing can automatically adjust the position and axial gap to meet the needs of different operating conditions. In addition, the spiral roller bearing also has high rigidity and bearing capacity, can withstand high speed, and is suitable for various application scenarios.

  • The characteristics of the spiral roller Bearing

  • The spiral roller bearing has some important characteristics, allowing it to perform well in specific applications.

  • The spiral roller bearing has greater elasticity and radial gap, which allows it to withstand a large impact radial load without being an axial load. This feature allows the spiral roller bearings to perform better without suffering large impact loads and vibrations.

  • The spiral roller bearing is only suitable for components that are not high in rotation accuracy and often have a large impact load because the accuracy of the spiral roller bearing is only the same level, without other precision levels.

  • The rolling system of the spiral roller bearing uses a steel band winding roller, which makes the roller of the bearing with high load capacity and lower contact stress and can adapt to higher speed.

  • Finally, the spiral roller bearing allows the inner ring shaft and the outer ring axis at 0.5 ° when installation, which helps adjust the axial gap of the bearings and improve the operating performance of the bearing.

  • Application of Spiral Rolling Bearing

  • Spiral roller bearing has widely used applications in many industries, including automobile manufacturing, mechanical engineering, energy industry, and railway transportation.

  • Spiral roller bearings are widely used in automotive manufacturing in key components such as engines, transmissions, etc., providing high-performance and long-life support.

  • In mechanical engineering, the spiral roller bearing is applied to heavy equipment, large machine tools, and occasions that require high loads.

  • The spiral roller bearing has played an important role in power stations, power generation equipment, and wind turbine devices in the energy industry.

  • In railway transportation, spiral roller bearings are widely used in core components such as the head of the train, steering rack, and transportation system.

  • In addition, the spiral roller bearings can also be used for other application scenarios that require high bearing capacity and high elasticity

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