Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings have single row tapered roller bearings (TS), paired tapered roller bearings, double row tapered roller bearings (TDI, TDO and TNA) and four row tapered roller bearings (TQO, TQOS and TQI) series. The large double row and four row tapered roller bearings are mainly used in the rolling mill roll neck. 

Size range: 50mm -3611mm (Bore diameter)

Applications: Steel Production Equipment, Construction/Transportation/Agricultural Machinery, Renewable Energy, Automotive, Railroad Cars, Cement mill roller and other industries.

Single row taper roller bearings and matched paired sets

FV taper roller bearings have the rolling elements under the form of frustum of cone. They roll on tapered surface which, if extended, converges towards a single point on the bearing axis. The rollers are guided tangentially by the cage and axially by the big rib of the inner ring, on which they have contact. As between rollers and raceways there is linear contact, they can take heavy radial loads. They can also take heavy axial or combined loads, depending on the contact angle caused by the tapered elements. The contact angle is the one of the outer raceway generatrix.

The single row taper roller bearings are of separable design, which means the outer ring/cup and the inner ring/cone with rollers and cage assembly can be separately mounted. The two parts are interchangeable. 

FV taper roller bearings are manufactured both in standardized (metric and inch sizes) and in non-standardized constructive version. The metric single bearings have standardized dimensions as listed in ISO 355:1977 and those designated with prefix J conform to American AFBMA 19.1/1987. The inch size bearings conform to American AFBMA 19/1974. The taper roller bearings can carry only single direction axial loads. Under pure radial loads, an axial force is induced within the bearings so that they cannot be used singly and a second bearing is required. A correct operational clearance or preload has to be identified for the correct performance and reliability of the application. FV taper roller bearings have pressed steel cage as standard. For large size and/or heavy engineering applications, the steel pin-type cage and case hardened carburizing alloy steels can be considered.

FV single row taper roller bearings can also be produced with a rib on the outer cup as a flange to be used when the housing cannot be manufactured with shoulder, but only with a passed through hole so that, in this case, axial location can be provided by the bearing cup. When the load carrying capacity of a single row is inadequate or where the load has to be located in both directions, FV produces the single row taper roller bearings as ready-to-mount matched pairs. The matched pairs, generally metric sized, in "O" back-to-back (designation DB) or "X" face-to-face (designation DF) arrangements, locate the shaft in both axial directions and the optimum axial play in the two bearings is adjusted and guaranteed after mounting. 

In case of taper roller bearings, clearance should be in radial direction, but it is measured and adjusted in axial direction. FV paired matching sets are made to normal and CLN class tolerances as standard corresponding to ISO 492:1986. The tolerances of the total width of the pair are not standardized, but an international common specification is applied. The matched pairs of taper roller bearings incorporate pressed steel cages guided on rollers.

Double row taper roller bearings

FV double row taper roller bearings can take up heavy loads and are stiff. Suitable for combined radial and axial loads, they locate axially the shaft in both directions with the stated axial end play (also defined as BEP - Bench End Play) or given preload. The basic styles are two-row converging TDI configuration and two-row diverging TDO configuration. Rings and rollers are made of high chrome through hardening steels or case hardened carburizing alloy steels depending on the application.

Cages for FV double row taper roller bearings are stamped pressed steel. A steel pin-type cage, which allows a larger complement of rollers for higher capacity, is also available.

This style of bearing set simplifies design and reduces the danger of bearing clearance changes due to axial shaft expansion. It is important the definition of the proper internal play related to the application. FV bearings in TDI configuration have a double cone assembly and two single cups and they are generally supplied with a cup spacer. The cup spacer of each bearing is face ground after accurate measurement of the distance between adjacent cup faces to obtain a predetermined internal play. Consequently, spacers or components may not be interchanged. An annular groove and lubrication holes are included in the spacer. The contact angle converges, so the use of these bearings will not appreciably increase the rigidity of the shaft mounting. FV also produces the taper roller steep contact angle TDIS version with higher thrust capacity (while the radial one is reduced) than the TDI type, normally used as back-up thrust bearings in rolling mills. These TDIS bearings have combination of face slots (e.g. N, N1, N2, etc.) and bore key-way for locking the cone on the shaft. Also helical groove in the bore and lubrication grooves in side faces of double cone and/or retention sleeve with annular groove and lubrication holes can be provided. 

FV bearings in TDO configuration have a double cup, two single cone assemblies and can be supplied with a shaft supported cone spacer. The spacer for individual cones is face ground to obtain the desired internal play for the assembly. So, also in this case, spacers and components may not be interchanged. An annular groove and oil holes are included in the cone spacer.

The TDO style bearings are mainly used in a floating cup mounting. So the counterbored hole in the cup is for a drilled dowel pin which prevents rotation of the loosely fitted double cup. Additional features of a lubrication groove and oil holes in the double cup for simplified lubrication through the outer ring are included (suffix CD). However, this style of bearings are usually lubricated through the shaft by use of oil holes and a groove in the cone spacer. In the TDO type the contact angle diverges, so the rigidity of the shaft mounting is increased to resist overturning moments. Bearing sets with steep contact angle and intermediate ring, pierced rollers and steel pin-type cage (TDOS design), bearing sets with extended inner rings which abut each other (TDONA and TDONASW designs), bearing sets with heavy wall cup (TNASWH design) and bearing sets with shields of pressed steel (TDO 4422 design) are also in FV manufacturing program. 

Most of TDI and TDO double row taper roller bearings are produced with inch dimensions as per American AFBMA 19/1974 and as per FV standard practice, dimensional and running accuracy grade is in accordance with class 2 or 4.

Four-row taper roller bearings

FV four-row taper roller bearings are installed as complete assemblies and take axial loads in addition to heavy radial loads, so that generally it is not requested separate thrust bearings in such arrangements. They are commonly used in rolling mill applications. For quick roll changes, the bearings have a loose fit on the roll necks, but there is the disadvantage that the inner rings wander on their seatings causing wear. To reduce these negative effects, FV bearings have a helical groove in the bore and lubrication grooves in the side faces of the inner rings. These grooves enable lubricant to be supplied to the contact surfaces of the inner ring and seating. Since wear and shock resistance under heavy rolling loads is a requirement for roll neck bearings, highest quality carburizing grade bearing alloy steels are normally used in FV four-row taper roller bearings.

Besides, for large size bearings, pierced rollers and steel pin-type cage for maximum load ratings possible are applied. The induced thrust resulting from radial loading is cancelled within the double cones and it eliminates excessive loads on clamping and spacing members. FV produces this style of bearings in two base designs, TQO and TQI configuration, where the main difference is the mutual arrangement of the roller complements and the number of inner and outer rings dictated by this.

The TQO type is composed in its standard configuration of two double cone assemblies, one central double cup, two single cups and factory adjusted cup and cone spacers. The spacers of each bearing are face ground after accurate measurement of the distance between adjacent cups and cones to obtain the asked initial play (also defined as BEP - Bench End Play). So the bearing parts cannot be interchanged and they are individually marked for proper assembly.  Lubrication grooves and oil holes are provided in the cup spacers and in the double cup. Furthermore, lubricant slots in the cones side faces and cone spacer permit the lubricant to go through the bearing to the roll neck. These bearings can be provided with lateral extension of the double cones used as sealing surface. This sealing feature offers better protection against hostile environment.

For high speed rolling mill requirements, the TQO bearing sets may have tapered bore with features of high capacity, compactness and a mounting system that guarantees a positive interference fit on the roll neck. The TQI type is composed in its standard configuration of one double cone assembly, two single cone assemblies and two double cups. A four-separated individual single cup configuration is also available. This design facilitates the reworking of the bearing. These bearings are fitted with pressed steel cage or with pierced rollers and steel pin-type cage. The fact that contact angles diverge makes the bearings well suited to resist to warping and misalignment. The version with tapered bore that, with its three-cone design, assures easy assembly and disassembly (designation TQIT and TQITE) is also available.

In FV sealed TQOS type sets, four-row taper roller bearings have been developed to improve the lubrication in service. The incorporation of this type of bearing simplifies design, reduces grease consumption and routine maintenance requirements and attains longer service life. The seals, fitted on both sides of the bearing set, are produced in several designs depending on bearing size and application needs; the most common ones are the integrated lateral unitized seals (European version), the integrated lateral narrow seals (compact seal concept) and the loose flange lateral unitized seals (Japanese version). So the basic design with the garter seal, made by reinforced fluoro rubber and steel spring, is located in the integral external cups. Alternatively, the separate seal carrier flanges are matched to the cups and a chock type seal runs on extended surface of inner rings.

Furthermore, FV seals have been redesigned in new type to increase seal durability and efficiency: while maintaining an overall narrow profile, these seals optimize the available space by utilizing the area directly adjacent to or underneath the cage bore, with the result of the usage of longer rollers with consequent increased bearing capacity similar to open type version. FV sealed four-row taper roller bearings are usually provided also with O-rings in the outboard cup outside diameter to seal contaminants from the bearing outer diameter and/or with a cone seal set designed to accommodate relative motion between inner rings and to prevent build-up of negative pressure (anti-vortex system technology for longer bearing life and less lubricant deterioration). Phosphate treatment for rings, rollers and spacers (suffix PT4) for anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties under water, alkalescent and acidescent working conditions is also available.

FV produces special executions of TQO made of four single cups and two double cone assemblies (design without spacers). Most of TQO and TQI four row taper roller bearings are manufactured with inch dimensions as per American AFBMA 19/1974 and as per FV standard practice, dimensional and running accuracy grade is in accordance with class 2 or 4.

Related industrial field:

Steel Production Equipment, Automotive, Construction/Transportation/Agricultural Machinery, Renewable Energy, Railroad Cars, Cement mill roller and other industries.


We have all kinds of tapered roller bearings in stock. Usually, only the TQO and TQI series needs to be customized according to the order.  Pls contact our sales engineer. The speed of our delivery is the same as that of China.

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