Bearings for Wind Power Industry

Bearings for Wind Power Industry

FV rounds off its slewing bearing portfolio for wind turbines by including main bearings that are suitable for use in wind turbines with a capacity of 2 MW and upwards. The moment bearings ensure that the rotor can rotate steadily around its own axis and thus withstand constant high loadings. FV customers benefit from the high reliability of the bearings.

Depending on customer requirements, the rotor bearings are available with oil or grease lubrication. An optimised sealing system always offers the best protection against leakage and ensures minimal friction losses.



Depending on the type of wind turbine, triple-row roller bearings or double-row tapered roller bearings are used as main bearings. While the roller bearing leads to lower stresses in the adjacent construction, the tapered roller bearing is particularly attractive because it has zero play, therefore allowing for an optimal rolling behaviour of the bearing.


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