Analysis of Oil-air-Lubrication Characteristics of Roll Neck

Analysis of Oil-air-Lubrication Characteristics of Roll Neck Bearings

Jun 23, 2022

The lubrication of bearings plays a vital role in the performance and service life of bearings, especially in the metallurgical industry. At present, most strip mills use thin oil, dry oil and oil mist lubrication. However, for some high-speed rolling mill bearings, the oil-air lubrication method will be more suitable and better than that three methods. Oil-air lubrication is a new type of lubrication technology, which has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional lubrication technology. It successfully solves the insurmountable problems of dry oil lubrication and oil mist lubrication, and meets the needs of the latest development of machinery industry equipment, especially for high temperature, heavy load, high speed, extremely low speed occasions, as well as cooling water, dirt intrusion. Therefore, it is being used more and more widely, especially in the metallurgical industry. Oil-air lubrication has the following advantages:

bearing Oil-air lubrication

1, Oil-air lubrication can accurately measure and supply oil without being affected by the viscosity of the lubricating oil. The viscosity of the lubricating oil directly affects the lubricating effect of the bearing and the service life of the rolling neck bearing. Oil-air lubrication can improve the power and oil-air distribution of the lubrication system, and accurately dose and supply the lubricating oil with a kinematic viscosity of up to 7000mm2/s.

2, Good sealing performance: Both ends of the oil and gas lubricated bearing seat should be sealed, which can not only improve dust resistance but also prevent liquid from infiltrating, and improve the sealing performance. It is also a kind of protection for roll neck bearing.

3, Non-polluting: the oil in the oil-air lubrication is not polluted by atomization, and the exhaust gas discharged from the bearing seat has no lubricating oil component, the strength is greatly improved, and at the same time it can play a cooling role too.

4, Convenient control and operation: In the oil and gas lubrication system, the distribution of oil and gas is controlled by the monitoring device, with high transmission efficiency and economical fuel consumption. The importance of bearings in the production of rolling mills has been proved by practice, the correct selection, installation and maintenance will definitely improve the operation rate and product output, thereby improving the production efficiency and economic benefits of the enterprise.

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