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Effect of heat treatment quality on bearing quality

Aug 03, 2021

As we know, the heat treatment of bearings plays a decisive role in their life. FV bearing is also especially valued in the heat treatment of rolling mill bearings.



The specific effects of heat treatment quality on bearing quality are as follows:

1. The heat treatment directly affects the life of bearings. Too high heat treatment temperature leads to coarse grains, the bearings will easy to exist quenching cracks. And too low quenching temperature, hardness will be slightly reduced.

2. Too high tempering temperature will lead to a decrease in hardness, stress removal is better. The tempering temperature is too low, the hardness of the material is high, but the stress is difficult to go out, so the tempering temperature of 150~180 is generally used for bearing steel.

3. The effect of heat treatment on bearing life, especially the spheroidization treatment, if the spheroidization is not ideal or uniform, the bearing is easy to cause uneven carbide concentration. During quenching, the deformation of the ring will increase a lot, but the expansion or reduction is not regular, which is easy to lead to the scrap of insufficient allowance caused by large deformation.

4. The impact of forging on bearing life, forging can be counted as the first heat treatment of bearing manufacturing. If the forging temperature is too high, the grain is coarse, and the quenching is easy to crack, the forging ratio is small, and the carbide is easy to cause uneven, which will also affect the deformation and cracking of quenching.

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