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FV Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing 31319 J2

Sep 04, 2021

The single row tapered roller bearing has an outer ring, an inner ring and a set of tapered rollers enclosed by a basket cage. The outer ring can be separated from the inner ring components. In accordance with the ISO dimensions standard for tapered roller bearings, any standard type of tapered roller bearing outer ring or inner ring components should be able to achieve international exchange with the same type of outer ring or inner ring components. That is, the outer ring of the same type in addition to the external size, tolerance should comply with ISO492 (GB307) provisions, the cone Angle of the inner ring component, component cone diameter must also comply with the relevant provisions of the exchange.

  Generally, the conical Angle of the outer ring raceway of single-row tapered roller bearings is between 10° and 19°, which can bear the joint action of axial load and radial load at the same time. The larger the cone angle, the larger the axial load capacity. Bearing with large taper Angle, post code plus B, cone angle between 25°~29°, it can withstand large axial load. In addition, single row tapered roller bearings can adjust the size of the clearance during installation.

  The capacity of single-row tapered roller bearings to bear axial load depends on the contact Angle, that is, the outer raceway Angle, the greater the Angle, the greater the axial load capacity. Single row tapered roller bearings are the most widely used tapered roller bearings.

FV producted the single row tapered roller bearign code 31319 J2 for his client.

Bearing size: 95*200*49.5mm

Weight: 6.64Kg

Dynamic load:  Cr 310000N

Static load: Cor 375000N

Ultimate speed: 1700r/m

This kind bearings are widely used in automobile, rolling mill, mining, metallurgy, plastic machinery and other industries.

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