Introduction and Application of Oil Film Bearings used on Rolling

Introduction and Application of Oil Film Bearings used on Rolling Mill

May 13, 2023

Oil film bearings used in rolling mills. Its accuracy, installation and use directly affect the normal operation of the whole rolling mill and the accuracy of the entire rolling mill production line, so the selection and use of oil film bearings is very important.

The advantages of Fluid Film Bearings in use are large load capacity, compact structure, high running accuracy, small friction coefficient, long service life, etc. It is mainly composed of bushes, tapered sleeves, thrust bearings, locking devices, sealing devices and other components, form a closed whole with the support roller and the support roller chock. When working, the rotating support roller drives the lubricating oil of the taper sleeve to form an oil film between the bearing parts, which is beneficial to the operation of the bearing. If the roller and the bearing taper sleeve run at the same time, a part of the lubricating oil will be sucked between the bearing bush and the taper sleeve, long-term accumulation to form an oil film with a certain thickness, this layer of oil film can resist the overloaded rolling mill operation. Protecting this layer of oil film is to ensure the normal use of oil film bearings. Because of this layer of pressure oil film, the bearing will not be damaged theoretically, but some changes will occur in the oil film bearing during its operation, such as the change of rolling force, the change of rolling speed, etc., which will make the oil film bearing unable to achieve the ideal lubrication state, which will cause the tapered sleeve and the bushing to rub against each other, causing the Babbitt metal to wear and even peel off. If it is not controlled, the oil film bearing will be burned. In addition, some details, such as the oxidation of the outside of the parts, the intrusion of moisture in the air into the inside of the bearing, causing the pollution of the bearing lubricating oil, or the erosion of the taper sleeve and bushing, etc., may also cause the oil film bearing to burn. Therefore, the maintenance of oil film bearings must be well controlled in detail.

oil film bearing

First, in the daily rolling mill production, it is necessary to arrange special personnel to conduct regular inspections on the oil film bearings, and to check each component in detail, including joints, oil pipes, etc., to ensure that the rolling mill bearings can be continuously and smoothly lubricated during operation, avoid oil leakage occurrence. Second, it is necessary to regularly detect the temperature of the oil film bearing, strengthen the detection of the oil pressure of the oil film bearing, and ensure that the oil supply pressure is normal. Third, choose a regular lubricating oil to ensure that the lubricating oil is free from pollution and impurities. If you need to change the brand of lubricating oil, you must clean the lubricating oil injected before to ensure that it is not cross-used. Fourth, when replacing parts, be sure to protect the parts to avoid pollution and oxidation. At the same time, make a record, and the parts with problems must be replaced in time. Fifth, whether it is maintenance or normal use, you must strictly follow the standard steps and standardize the operation.

Oil film bearings are generally used in the environment of high speed, heavy load, high temperature, and many impurities, so the use and maintenance of oil film bearings is an extremely meticulous work, which requires us to strictly monitor in daily operation and analyze possible factors that cause oil film bearing failure, and formulate specific preventive measures. Do a good job in daily maintenance and repair, so as to prolong its service life and ensure the stable operation of the rolling mill in the steel mill.

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