The Classification of Cylindrical roller bearing

The Classification of Cylindrical roller bearing Cage

Sep 08, 2021

The cage is an important part of the rolling bearing, but many people do not understand the cage. Today we will talk about the cage types of cylindrical roller bearings.

1, Stamping steel cage. The stamped steel cage of cylindrical roller bearings is made of low-carbon steel and undergoes a series of cutting, forming and perforating processes. This kind of cage has a variety of designs and is suitable for the general purpose of cylindrical roller bearings. The S-shaped cage used for 5200 series cylindrical roller bearings is a special design, which is supported on and guided by the outer ring rib. The beams of this cage are recessed design, they evenly isolate the rolling elements and keep them on the outer ring. Stamped steel cages can be easily mass-produced, and can be used well in high temperature and insufficient lubrication environments.

2, Machining cage. The machined cage is an option for small cylindrical bearings, usually made of brass. The machined cage design of cylindrical roller bearings can provide better performance in several applications. The cage adopts a one-piece or two-piece design. The one-piece design can be either a cage or a standard cage with fully polished pockets. One-piece finger design and two-piece window cage are more common in standard cylindrical roller bearings. They are all roller-guided designs. The one-piece pocket design is a high-quality cage for EMA series bearings. Different from the traditional cylindrical roller guide cage, it is an outer ring guide cage that can minimize the drag on the rolling elements, thereby reducing heat generation and prolonging the service life of the bearing. Compared with the two-piece design, this one-piece cage can also reduce heat generation and wear by improving the fluidity of the lubricant.

3, pin cage. The pin cage of the cylindrical roller bearing consists of two metal rings and a set of pins passing through the center of the rolling element. This kind of cage is used for large diameter cylindrical roller bearings that cannot use machined brass cages. When using this design, it is usually possible to increase the number of cylindrical rollers to increase the load-bearing capacity.

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