The Processing Steps of Each Part of the Spherical Roller

The Processing Steps of Each Part of the Spherical Roller Bearing

Aug 25, 2021

Spherical roller bearings are widely used bearings, but many people don't know much about spherical roller bearings. Today we will talk about the machining process of the main parts of the spherical roller bearing. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. Inner ring and outer ring: The processing of the inner ring and outer ring of the bearing differs according to the different raw materials. The entire processing process is: Bar or tube (The material needs to be forged, annealed, and normalized)→turning→heat treatment→grinding→finishing or polishing→final inspection of parts→rust prevention→warehousing→(waiting for assembly).

2. The processing process of steel balls: The processing of steel balls also differs according to the different raw materials. The entire processing process is: cold punching of bars or wires (some bars need to be punched and annealed after cold punching) → Frustration, rough grinding, soft grinding or light ball → heat treatment → hard grinding → fine grinding or grinding → final inspection grouping → rust prevention, packaging → storage (waiting for assembly).

3. Roller processing process: the processing of rollers varies according to the different raw materials. The entire processing process is: bar turning or wire rod cold heading, stringing ring belts and soft grinding → heat treatment → stringing soft points → rough grinding outside diameter→rough grinding end face→final grinding end face→fine grinding outer diameter→final inspection grouping→rust prevention, packaging→warehousing (waiting for assembly).

4. The processing process of the cage: the cage is different according to the design structure and the raw materials, and there are mainly the following two: (1) sheet metal → shearing → punching → stamping forming → shaping and finishing → pickling or shot peening or stringing Light→final inspection→rust prevention, packaging→warehousing (waiting for assembly); (2) The processing process of the solid cage: The whole processing process is: bar, tube, forging, casting→turning inner diameter, outer diameter, end face, Chamfering→drilling (or pull hole, boring)→pickling→final inspection→rust prevention, packaging→warehousing (waiting for assembly).

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