The usage and introduction of Slewing bearings on

The usage and introduction of Slewing bearings on cranes

Nov 14, 2023

Cranes are a commonly used equipment in the construction industry, and slewing bearings play a vital role on cranes.

Structure and characteristics of slewing bearings

Slewing bearings are a particular type of bearings that can withstand large axial loads, radial loads, and torques. Its main structure includes a bearing seat, bearing cover, bearing core, and cage. This kind of bearing is characterized by high strength, rigidity, and high precision, which can meet the requirements of the crane to withstand various complex loads during operation.

The structure of a crane slew bearing usually includes an inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements, and cage. Among them, the number of rolling element rows can be single-row, double-row, or multi-row bearings, depending on the size and load requirements of the rolling bearings. In addition, slew bearings usually have mounting holes, lubricating oil, and sealing devices to meet the needs of use under different working conditions.

In a crane, the primary function of the slew bearing is to support and fix the rotating part of the crane while also realizing the crane's rotating motion and transmitting power and torque. The design and manufacturing accuracy of this bearing directly affects the crane's operating performance and service life. Therefore, choosing a suitable slew bearing is crucial to ensure the regular operation of the crane.

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Application of slewing bearings on cranes

Support and fixation

Cranes must bear various loads during work, such as axial, radial, and torque. The slewing bearing can effectively transfer these loads to the crane structure, playing a supporting and fixing role ensuring the stability and safety of the crane.

Realize rotational motion

The crane needs to perform slewing motion during work, and the slewing bearing is the critical component to achieve this motion. There is a slewing support device inside the slewing bearing, which can withstand various complex loads during the crane's slewing movement while ensuring the accuracy and stability of the slewing motion.

Transmit power and torque

During work, the crane needs to transmit the power and torque of the engine to various working mechanisms to achieve lifting operations. Slewing bearings can share the power and torque of the machine to multiple parts of the crane, ensuring the coordinated operation of various working mechanisms.

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The importance of slewing bearings

Improve crane working efficiency.

Applying slew bearings on cranes can significantly improve the working efficiency of the crane. Because the turntable bearing has high precision and stability, it can ensure the accuracy and stability of the crane during slew movement, thereby reducing operating time and workload and improving work efficiency.

Enhance crane safety performance.

Applying slew bearings on cranes can also enhance the safety performance of the crane. Since the slew plate bearing can withstand large axial load, radial load, and torque, it can ensure that the crane has sufficient stability and safety during operation, thus reducing the possibility of accidents.

Extend the life of your crane.

The high quality and reliability of slew bearings can extend the crane's service life. Because the slewing bearing has high rigidity and strength, it can ensure that the crane has sufficient rigidity and stability when working, thereby reducing the possibility of equipment damage and extending the service life of the equipment.

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The slewing bearing plays a vital role in the crane. It not only supports and fixes the various components of the crane but also realizes the rotary motion and transmits power and torque. At the same time, high-quality and high-reliability slew bearings can also improve the working efficiency of the crane, enhance safety performance, and extend the service life. Therefore, choosing a suitable slew bearing is crucial to ensure the regular operation of the crane.

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