Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings

Double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings

Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

FV now offers a broader range of full complement cylindrical roller bearings to meet the need for increased radial load carrying capacity by maximizing the number of rollers in a given envelope.  The expanded offering includes multiple series of one-row and two-row designs starting at 100 mm bore.

Design Attributes

  • Designed to ISO/DIN specified interchangeable boundary dimensions where available.

  • Sold as a completely unitized assembly.

  • Both single row and double row products available in same size range.

  • Standard designs use NCF, NNCF nomenclature.

  • Full complement construction, no cage included.

  • High capacity, but operating speed may be an issue requiring close application scrutiny.

  • Assembly outer ring design provides significant internal axial float capability.

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NNCL design

NNCF design

NNC design

NNF (sealed design)

Principal dimensions
Basic load ratings [kN]Fatigue load limit [kN]Speed ratingsDesignation

Reference speedLimiting speed
3400NNF 5004 ADB-2LSV
20423052.3576.2850010000NNCF 5004 CV
3000NNF 5005 ADB-2LSV
25473059.4717.6570009000NNCF 5005 CV
2600NNF 5006 ADB-2LSV
30553473.7881060007500NNCF 5006 CV
2200NNF 5007 ADB-2LSV
35623689.711212.953006700NNCF 5007 CV
2000NNF 5008 ADB-2LSV
4068381061401748006000NNCF 5008 CV
1800NNF 5009 ADB-2LSV
45754011215618.343005300NNCF 5009 CV
1700NNF 5010 ADB-2LSV
50804014219623.640005000NNCF 5010 CV
1500NNF 5011 ADB-2LSV
55904619028034.534004300NNCF 5011 CV
60852578.113714.336004500NNC 4912 CV
60852578.113714.336004500NNCF 4912 CV
60852578.113714.336004500NNCL 4912 CV
1400NNF 5012 ADB-2LSV
60954619830036.534004000NNCF 5012 CV
1300NNF 5013 ADB-2LSV
65100462093254030003800NNCF 5013 CV
701003011419322.430003800NNC 4914 CV
701003011419322.430003800NNCF 4914 CV
701003011419322.430003800NNCL 4914 CV
1200NNF 5014 ADB-2LSV
70110542383454528003600NNCF 5014 CV
1100NNF 5015 ADB-2LSV
75115542513804926003200NNCF 5015 CV
80110301212162526003400NNC 4916 CV
80110301212162526003400NNCF 4916 CV
80110301212162526003400NNCL 4916 CV
1000NNF 5016 B-2LS
801256030845558.524003000NNCF 5016 CV
1000NNF 5017 B-2LS
85130603144756024003000NNCF 5017 CV
901253516130035.524003000NNC 4918 CV
901253516130035.524003000NNCF 4918 CV
901253516130035.524003000NNCL 4918 CV
900NNF 5018 B-2LS
901406736956069.522002800NNCF 5018 CV
900NNF 5019 B-2LS
1001404020940046.520002600NNC 4920 CV
1001404020940046.520002600NNCF 4920 CV
1001404020940046.520002600NNCL 4920 CV
850NNF 5020 B-2LS
100150673916207520002600NNCF 5020 CV
110150402204304919002400NNC 4922 CV
110150402204304919002400NNCF 4922 CV
110150402204304919002400NNCL 4922 CV
750NNF 5022 B-2LS
110170805128009518002200NNCF 5022 CV
120165452424805317002200NNC 4924 CV
120165452424805317002200NNCF 4924 CV
120165452424805317002200NNCL 4924 CV
700NNF 5024 B-2LS
1201808053988010417002000NNCF 5024 CV
130180502975306016002000NNC 4926 CV
130180502975306016002000NNCF 4926 CV
130180502975306016002000NNCL 4926 CV
670319426 B-2LS
630NNF 5026 B-2LS
13020095765125014315001900NNCF 5026 CV
140190503085706315001900NNC 4928 CV
140190503085706315001900NNCF 4928 CV
140190503085706315001900NNCL 4928 CV
630319428 DA-2LS
600NNF 5028 B-2LS
14021095809137015314001800NNCF 5028 CV
150190402555856015001800NNC 4830 CV
150190402555856015001800NNCF 4830 CV
150190402555856015001800NNCL 4830 CV
1502106042983091.514001700NNC 4930 CV
1502106042983091.514001700NNCF 4930 CV
1502106042983091.514001700NNCL 4930 CV
600319430 B-2LS
560NNF 5030 B-2LS
150225100842143016013001700NNCF 5030 CV
160200402606106214001700NNC 4832 CV
160200402606106214001700NNCF 4832 CV
160200402606106214001700NNCL 4832 CV
1602206044691596.513001600NNC 4932 CV
1602206044691596.513001600NNCF 4932 CV
1602206044691596.513001600NNCL 4932 CV
530319432 DA-2LS
500NNF 5032 B-2LS
160240109952160018012001500NNCF 5032 CV
1702154528665565.513001600NNC 4834 CV
1702154528665565.513001600NNCF 4834 CV
1702154528665565.513001600NNCL 4834 CV
1702306045795010012001500NNC 4934 CV
1702306045795010012001500NNCF 4934 CV
1702306045795010012001500NNCL 4934 CV
530319434 B-2LS
480NNF 5034 B-2LS
1702601221230212023611001400NNCF 5034 CV
1802254529769569.512001500NNC 4836 CV
1802254529769569.512001500NNCF 4836 CV
1802254529769569.512001500NNCL 4836 CV
480319436 DA-2LS
18025069594122012711001400NNC 4936 CV
18025069594122012711001400NNCF 4936 CV
18025069594122012711001400NNCL 4936 CV
450NNF 5036 B-2LS
1802801361420250027011001300NNCF 5036 CV
1902405035875076.511001400NNC 4838 CV
1902405035875076.511001400NNCF 4838 CV
1902405035875076.511001400NNCL 4838 CV
19026069605129013211001400NNC 4938 CV
19026069605129013211001400NNCF 4938 CV
19026069605129013211001400NNCL 4938 CV
450319438 DA-2LS
430NNF 5038 B-2LS
1902901361470260028010001300NNCF 5038 CV
200250503698008011001400NNC 4840 CV
200250503698008011001400NNCF 4840 CV
200250503698008011001400NNCL 4840 CV
2002708062713701379501300319440 B-2LS
20028080704150015310001300NNC 4940 CV
20028080704150015310001300NNCF 4940 CV
20028080704150015310001300NNCL 4940 CV
400NNF 5040 B-2LS
200310150168030503209501200NNCF 5040 CV
220270503528658510001200NNC 4844 CV
220270503808658510001200NNCF 4844 CV
220270503808658510001200NNCL 4844 CV
2203008073716001609501200NNC 4944 CV
2203008073716001609501200NNCF 4944 CV
2203008073716001609501200NNCL 4944 CV
380319444 B-2LS
360NNF 5044 B-2LS
220340160201036003758501100NNCF 5044 CV
2403006053912901259001100NNC 4848 CV
2403006053912901259001100NNCF 4848 CV
2403006053912901259001100NNCL 4848 CV
2403208078117601738501100NNC 4948 CV
2403208078117601738501100NNCF 4948 CV
2403208078117601738501100NNCL 4948 CV
360319448 B-2LS
340NNF 5048 B-2LS
240360160212039004008001000NNCF 5048 CV
2603206056114001328001000NNC 4852 CV
2603206056114001328001000NNCF 4852 CV
2603206056114001328001000NNCL 4852 CV
340319452 B-2LS
26036010011702550245750950NNCF 4952 CV
26036010011702550245750950NNCL 4952 CV
300NNF 5052 B-2LS
26040019028605100500700900NNCF 5052 CV
280350697371860173750950NNC 4856 CV
280350697371860173750950NNCF 4856 CV
280350697371860173750950NNCL 4856 CV
28038010012102700255700900NNCF 4956 CV
28038010012102700255700900NNCL 4956 CV
280NNF 5056 B-2LS
28042019029205300520670850NNCF 5056 CV
300380808582120196700850NNC 4860 CV
300380808582120196700850NNCF 4860 CV
300380808582120196700850NNCL 4860 CV
30042011816803750355670800NNC 4960 CV
30042011816803750355670800NNCF 4960 CV
30042011816803750355670800NNCL 4960 CV
30046021835206550600600750NNCF 5060 CV
320400808972280208630800NNC 4864 CV
320400808972280208630800NNCF 4864 CV
320400808972280208630800NNCL 4864 CV
32044011817604050375600750NNCF 4964 CV
32044011817604050375600750NNCL 4964 CV
32048021836906950620560700NNCF 5064 CV
340420809132400216600750NNC 4868 CV
340420809132400216600750NNCF 4868 CV
340420809132400216600750NNCL 4868 CV
34046011817904250390560700NNCF 4968 CV
34046011817904250390560700NNCL 4968 CV
34052024344008300710530670NNCF 5068 CV
360440809352550224560700NNCF 4872 CV
360440809352550224560700NNCL 4872 CV
36048011818304500405530670NNCF 4972 CV
36048011818304500405530670NNCL 4972 CV
36054024341808650735500630NNCF 5072 CV
38048010014003650315530670NNCF 4876 CV
38048010014003650315530670NNCL 4876 CV
38052014023805700500500630NNCF 4976 CV
38052014023805700500500630NNCL 4976 CV
38056024346809150750480600NNCF 5076 CV
40050010014203750325500630NNCF 4880 CV
40050010014203750325500630NNCL 4880 CV
40054014024206000520480600NNCF 4980 CV
40054014024206000520480600NNCL 4980 CV
400600272550011000900450560NNCF 5080 CV

Cylindrical roller bearings are available in a wide range of designs, series, variants and sizes. The main design differences are the number of roller rows and the inner/outer ring flanges as well as cage designs and materials.

The bearings can meet the challenges of applications faced with heavy radial loads and high speeds. Accommodating axial displacement (except for bearings with flanges on both the inner and outer rings), they offer high stiffness, low friction and long service life.

Cylindrical roller bearings are also available in sealed or split designs. In sealed bearings, the rollers are protected from contaminants, water and dust, while providing lubricant retention and contaminant exclusion. This provides lower friction and longer service life. Split bearings are intended primarily for bearing arrangements which are difficult to access, such as crank shafts, where they simplify maintenance and replacements.

Special variants

In addition to the bearings presented in this section, FV supplies cylindrical roller bearings for special application requirements. This assortment includes:

  • Bearings with Solid Oil

  • INSOCOAT bearings

  • Hybrid bearings

  • NoWear coated bearings

  • Super-precision bearings

  • Backing bearings

  • Indexing roller units

  • Cylindrical roller bearings and bearing units for railway applications ( contact FV )

Features and benefits:

  • High load carrying capacity

  • High stiffness

  • Accommodate axial displacement

  • Low friction

  • Long service life

  • Enhanced operational reliability

  • Separable and interchangeable

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