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FV is our global display brand, and PIFV is a special brand registered by FV bearing industries in the Indian market in 2021.  They are all made in China with high quality.


FV & PIFV bearing brand

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FV Bearing is a leading supplier of precision bearings and bearings related products across a large spectrum of customers – preimarily OEMs and major distributors.

Leading industrial ball bearings with best materials

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FV Bearings Co.Ltd has rich experiences in bearings manufacturing and processing, the professional bearing engineers can handle your requirements on bearings exactly and output the accurate bearing products.

World’s leading roller bearings manufacturer

FV Bearings is a leading roller bearings manufacturer provides high quality and durable roller bearings for different industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, power plants, chemistry industry, agriculture and other fields.

Solutions for special bearings and high end bearings

If you are looking for special bearings and high end bearings, FV bearings can help you to customize any special bearings according to your needs based on advanced bearings manufacturing technology.

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