Analysis of the Reasons for the Corrosion of Roll Neck

Analysis of the Reasons for the Corrosion of Roll Neck Bearings

Aug 06, 2021

When using rolling mill bearings, there will be corrosion. Many users have become accustomed to it. However, if everyone can understand the cause of the corrosion, it may reduce the probability of bearing corrosion. So, what is the reason?

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1. In the production process of rolling mill bearings, some companies did not strictly follow the correct method to produce, resulting in poor quality of the bearings and rust easily.

2. In order to obtain greater profits, some manufacturers are likely to use impure materials for production, which will reduce the quality of rolling bearings.

3. The quality of anti-rust lubricating oil and cleaning kerosene used in roll neck bearings cannot meet the requirements of process technology. ,

4. The bearing packaging materials do not meet the requirements of anti-rust packaging for bearing oil seals. Of course, this is also one of the factors that cause corrosion.

5. Due to the harsh operating environment of the roll mill stand, the rolling mill bearings cannot be cleaned up in time during use, and reasonable maintenance cannot be obtained, resulting in rust.


The above are the main reasons for the corrosion of rolling mill bearings. Through the understanding of the above reasons, we hope that users can take corresponding measures for the above reasons in the future use to effectively avoid bearing corrosion and make better use of bearings.

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