Installation knowledge of four-row cylindrical roller

Installation knowledge of four-row cylindrical roller bearings

Aug 06, 2021

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are one of the most commonly used rolling mill bearings. The service life of rolling mill bearings is not only related to the quality of the bearing, but also closely related to its installation and use. For this reason, relevant technical requirements must be observed during the installation of the bearing and operating .

Before installation, carefully check the mating surfaces of the roll neck, bearing box, bearing ring and bearing box cover plate, etc., to check whether the size, shape, position, accuracy, etc. meet the technical requirements of the design .The edges and burrs of the table, roll neck, bearing box and oil hole that are matched with the bearing must be removed, cleaned and coated with lubricating oil.

Rebar mill - China FV rolling mill bearingsBar mill - China FV rolling mill bearings

The steps to install four-row cylindrical roller bearings are as follows:

1)Install the labyrinth ring.

 The fit between the labyrinth ring and the roll neck is generally a tight fit, and tap it gently with a copper rod during installation. Both ends of the labyrinth ring must be flat and fit closely with the shaft shoulder and the inner ring of the bearing

 2)  Install the inner ring

The inner ring has an interference fit with the roll neck. When installing, the inner ring should be heated to 90-100°, not more than 120°.To prevent incomplete retraction of the inner ring after cooling. The heating method can be oil tank heating or induction heating. Flame heating is prohibited.

When installing double inner rings such as FCD type, the inner ring and the inner ring, the inner ring and the labyrinth ring must be in close contact with the end faces of the inner ring in the axial direction during the cooling of the inner ring, and check with a feeler gauge.

1)Install the outer ring

The outer ring of the four-row cylindrical roller bearing is generally a transition fit with the inner hole of the bearing seat. For smaller bearings, the outer ring, roller and cage can be lightly knocked into the bearing seat with a copper rod. For larger bearings, you can use the hoisting holes provided on the outer ring or cage to lift the outer ring and outer ring components, and put them into the bearing box vertically downwards.

For four-row cylindrical roller with movable ribs, the retaining ring, outer component, middle retaining ring, and bearings of the same model should not be interchanged. The end face of the outer ring is marked with a load zone. When installing and using for the first time, the rolling load direction should be aligned with the mark Ⅰ. When cleaning and reinstalling later, the rolling load can be aligned with the remaining marks and marks in order to extend the service life of the bearing.

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