Application of Roll neck Bearings in Metallurgical

Application of Roll neck Bearings in Metallurgical Industry

Sep 21, 2022

In the metallurgical industry, rolling mill bearings work under heavy load, high shock load, high temperature, water vapor and dusty environments, and the working conditions are very harsh. As a professional metallurgical bearing manufacturer, in order to meet the requirements of the metallurgical industry and ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the rolling mill production equipment, Luoyang FV has carried out in-depth research and develop on rolling mill bearing design, selected materials, heat treatment, production technology and lubrication. Combined with the customer's use environment and the special requirements of the rolling mill production line, our metallurgical bearing products can better meet the customer's requirements.

Typically, rolling mill lines use four-row cylindrical roller bearings to support radial loads, thrust roller or thrust ball bearings, and radial angular contact ball or radial roller bearings to support axial loads. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in metallurgical equipment as the main roller bearings. Because of its compact structure, good rigidity and high bearing capacity, it is a widely used rolling mill bearing. Because the inner ring has no ribs, it cannot bear the axial load. Therefore, it needs to be used with a thrust bearing to bear the axial load. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are of the separable type. Because the inner ring has no ribs, the inner and outer ring components can be installed and disassembled independently, which is beneficial to the installation and maintenance of the bearing. The inner ring and outer ring components provided by Luoyang FV can be matched with international famous brand bearings, which is convenient for customers to replace.

thrust ball bearing on rolling mill

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in rolling mills with high speed and precision requirements. For example, wire rod mills, hot rolling mills, cold mill or hot plate mills, bloom mills, etc. The cage generally uses brass solid cage or pillar welded cage.

Four-row tapered roller bearings are also the most commonly used roller diameter bearings. The bearing with this structure has a large bearing capacity and can simultaneously bear radial and axial combined loads mainly based on radial loads. Its radial bearing capacity is about 2.5 to 3.5 times that of single-row bearings, and it can withstand large radial loads and axial loads. Due to structural limitations, the limiting speed is relatively low compared to four-row cylindrical roller bearings. Four-row tapered roller bearings can withstand axial loads in two directions, so they can be used as bidirectional thrust bearings. Four-row tapered roller bearings are mainly used for work rolls, backup rolls, and blanking machines of various strip mills. The clearance of the bearing can be changed by adjusting the thickness of the spacer to make it more suitable for the working conditions.

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