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FV produced Combined roller bearing ZRS0056

Aug 19, 2021

Combined roller bearing is a speical full cylindrical roller bearing.

It is also known as combined roller bearing, is composed of two bearings, radial and axial, which simplify the structure, effectively save installation space, easy to use, only need to weld the shaft head in the mounting plate hole, do not have to disassemble the whole bearing, fittings can be replaced.

The characteristic of combined roller bearing is the outer ring is filled with cylindrical roller bearing with thicker outer ring wall. The outer diameter surface of the roller is cylindrical and arc, which can be designed to match the raceway surface according to the use occasion. With this outer ring, the roller can roll directly on the raceway and can withstand heavy loads and impact loads.

 The bearing is sealed and filled with grease to provide long-term effective lubrication and free lubrication for users. For the use of bad working conditions can be designed to add grease channel, improve the service life of bearings.

One model of combined roller bearing FV produced is ZRS0056 exported to Pakistan steel plant.

The bearing size is 40x77.7x53mm.

  They are widely be used in forklift door frames, mobile handling systems and lifting systems.

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