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Oil film bearings, Double lip seal and elastic washer for Wire Rod Blocks

Dec 08, 2021

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Oil film bearing

FV oil film bearing adopts high-quality Babbitt alloy as substrate and uses special process for three-layer electroplating. It has the advantages of accurate coordination, quiet operation and low friction. The tin coating can effectively prevent corrosion and reduce the sliding resistance. FV oil film bearing is designed according to the principle of hydrodynamics. During rotation, a layer of oil film is covered between the bearing body and the bearing carrier through the lubrication system. There is an oil groove on the non stressed bearing sleeve to ensure the uniform distribution of lubricating oil.

The ultra-high manufacturing precision makes Kaiqian oil film bearing excellent in fatigue resistance, bearing capacity and thermal conductivity, and the friction coefficient is low. Good corrosion resistance, embedment and compliance. It effectively solves the burning phenomena such as the failure of holding pad and the falling off failure of Babbitt alloy. And they are also compatible with wire mills of other manufacturers. Kaiqian oil film bearing can be directly used on existing equipment without any design or mechanical changes.

oil film bearing

Double lip seal

FV double lip seal is mainly made of hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR) and molded with other special raw materials in a scientific ratio. The metal support ring is made of high-quality imported steel after careful cutting, grinding and welding. Thus, there is a new performance breakthrough.

◎ better sealing performance

The compression permanent deformation is reduced by 15% (operating at 150 ° C for 24 hours), which can effectively seal the lubricating oil in the oil film bearing cavity and the external cooling water, rolling oil, scrap iron, dust and other sundries.

◎ the wear resistance and service life are significantly improved. The practice shows that after 6 weeks of severe use, the small skirt has no obvious wear.

◎ higher temperature adaptability

It has been proved that it can fully meet the performance requirements of the existing 120m /S speed rolling mill.

Elastic washer

The elastic gasket is mainly used for the roll shaft of the roll box and the transmission shaft of the transmission box of the high-speed wire rod finishing mill. It is required to be resistant to high temperature and bear the axial pressure of the center of the circle. The rubber in it must maintain a special torque resistance to make the gasket stretch in a certain range without the rubber sheet falling off. The FV elastic gasket is made of specially formulated rubber sheets and steel plates on both sides, bonded by a special process. It can Effectively absorb the impact force in the working process, adjust the parallel clearance between the rolling bearings on one end, ensure the smooth operation and shock absorption of the equipment, and protect the bearings from cracking or bumping.


Sliding typeMorgan SMS MeerSMS Meer Size (mm)Mass
Sliding bushing  
No load
172050MAF0512006 ULZ360037165.54x108.001
172050KAF6230241 ULZ360109139.72x79.500.72
172050BF6553011 ULZ36012088.95 x 45.200.15
172050DF6553013 ULZ360122101.63x55.700.21
-F0512004 ULZ360385165x981
-F0512005 ULZ360387124.33x66.701
172050FCF0512010 ULZ360401122.15x76.107.7
172050DBF7409494 ULZ360226101.63x55.700.21
172050BBF7746816ULZ36027688.95 x 45.200.2
Sliding bushing 
172050LAF0512006 LZ360038165.54x108.001
172050JAF6230242 LZ360110139.82x79.500.72
172050AF65530112LZ36012188.95 x 45.200.15
172050CF6553014 LZ360123101.63x55.700.21
F0512004 LZ360386165x981
F0512005 LZ360388124.33x66.701
172050EF0512003 LZ360389114.33x66.700.6
WASHER186612BF051400136039163.00 x 82.60 x 3.300.05
162266CF051400536039582.50 x 96.70 x 3.300.07
162266DF0514006360396225.40 x 247.60 x 3.300.25
10088323F0514010360405113.95 x 140.00x3.300.13
Double lip seal10085300-101.7x117x17

oil film bearing

oil film bearing

oil film bearing

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