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High-Precision Ball & Roller Bearings for Wire Rod Blocks

Dec 08, 2021


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FV Bearing is registered in Luoyang City, Henan Province and  its production base is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company has bearing registered trademarks "FV" . It is mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of high-precision bearings. It is a professional manufacturer of bearings for high-speed wire rod finishing mill, reducing and sizing mill and wire spinning mill.

The company's technical team has been developing and testing for many years. Fully mastered the key technology and manufacturing process of special rolling bearing and oil film bearing for high-speed wire rod finishing mill. The raw material is imported bearing steel, which has the characteristics of high speed, high precision and low wear. It has reached and some models have exceeded the quality level of imported bearings.

The bearing of FV long-life high-speed wire finishing mill can fully meet the service requirements of domestic wire rod mill. It can make the steel plant production line have a longer maintenance cycle, reduce unplanned shutdown faults, reduce the maintenance cost of the production line, prolong the service life of the equipment and minimize the production loss.  At present, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with domestic wire rod and bar mill manufacturers and major long product manufacturers.

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We carefully carry out each set of bearings and strictly follow the production process: 

raw material test ——> raw material forging ——> forging test ——> forging heat treatment ——> heat treatment test ——> Ring Forging rough machining - retainer rough machining ——> retainer finish machining ——> contour measurement ——> roundness measurement ——> cylindrical grinding ——> flat grinding ——> grinding 4 parts cleaning ——> sleeve assembly 4 ultrasonic flaw detection ——> accuracy measurement ——> Vibration measurement  ——> laser marking

As we all know, the quality of raw materials is the key to the quality of bearings. First class materials are the premise of manufacturing high-quality bearings. The good control of purity and uniformity is the key to improve the quality of bearing steel and prolong its service life. After years of repeated testing and demonstration of a variety of bearing steels at home and abroad, Kaiqian finally decided to select the ultra pure bearing steel produced by Ovako iron and steel company in Sweden as the raw material for manufacturing special bearings for high-speed wire rod finishing mill.

Sweden's Ovako steel company has a long history of smelting bearing steel. The bearing steel produced by Ovako company is famous for its high purity, stability of chemical composition, high fatigue strength, uniform hardenability and good machinability. Its famous SKF-MR (smelting + refining) steelmaking process, except dephosphorization, all processes after smelting can be completed in the ladle furnace. Heating in the ladle furnace, deoxidizing by aluminum precipitation and strong electromagnetic stirring can make the deoxidized products have sufficient time separation, and the oxygen content and inclusion content of bearing steel can reach a very low level.

Ultra high precision and load bearing —— Create a worry free rotation process

FV bearing complies with the requirements that the bearing of high-speed wire rod finishing mill must work continuously, reliably and stably under high speed and high impact. Imported high purity bearing steel is adopted, combined with special heat treatment process, cold treatment process and material modification technology. Retainers and rolling elements made of special materials and processes are selected. The bearing raceway is processed according to higher precision standards, and the diagonal contact ball bearing is matched. It realizes extremely high bearing speed and load bearing, and greatly improves the fatigue life of the bearing to meet the needs of users.

Morgan bearings - MRC BEARINGS

Single row deep groove ball bearing

The design of single row deep groove ball bearing is simple and inseparable. FV single row deep groove ball bearing adopts special technology to process deep groove raceway, so that there is excellent tightness between raceway and steel ball. Under the condition of extremely high speed, the bearing can bear both radial load and two-way axial load, and is very durable.

Cylindrical roller bearing

Single row cylindrical roller bearing is a separable bearing, which is easy to install and disassemble. FV single row cylindrical roller bearing has special rolling element shape design and special processing technology of raceway and retaining edge, so that the bearing can bear great radial load and high speed at the same time. The special design and processing of the retainer provide high strength and stability to overcome the strong speed increase and deceleration imposed in the rolling process of high-speed wire mill.

Single row angular contact ball bearing

Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear the bearing load acting in one direction. Usually two or more bearings are used close to each other. Make it bear the axial load in two directions and a certain radial load at the same time. FV single row angular contact ball bearings are manufactured according to high-precision standards. The technical conditions of angular contact ball bearing assembly shall be strictly implemented. According to the characteristics of high-speed wire rod mill, appropriate clearance shall be reserved to meet the requirements of high speed of bearing and improve the service life at the same time.

Morgan SMS Meer Size(mm)MassMounting positionRated loadLimit speed
Angular contact ball bearing


162250CF0364033-8042371302308014.5Gear box3083864500
162250EF0364034-8042361202158012.4Long Shaft2863455000
162250JF0364031-800820A50110542.51#〜10# Cone box /Drive shaft12210215000
162250KF0364024-80168640100501.91#〜6# Cone box  - idler shaft1048516000
162250LF0364050-8048644080360.8Roll box534415000
162250LAF0364042-80471240100502.13#〜 10#Roll box978015000
162250MBF0364031-800820A50110542.5Roll box/Roll box shaft12210215000
162250A17036014472Gear box5859152600
162250JAF0364052-80712355120583.2Drive shaft12910714000
162250LBF0364028-8008213580421Roll box shaft705217000
162250YF0364022-801684130200333.8Long Shaft1211318000
Cylindrical roller bearings

162250BF0364047-8048112003204815Gear box3825753600
162250DF0364037-804623140220365.3Gear box2112947000
162250FF0364035-804569120180282.8Long Shaft1562149000
162250GF0364029-803156130200333.61#〜6# Cone box 2372998000
162250GAF0364021-801680130200333.67#〜10# Cone box /Drive shaft2372998000
162250HF0364023-80168160130311.9Drive shaft16516811000
162250HAF0364023-80168160130311.9Drive shaft16516815000
162250SF0364048-804810170265428.3Gear box3164475000
162250VF0364046-804809140250428.7Gear box4505693000
162250GB-130200333.6Drive shaft2372997000
162250GCF0364032-801682130200465.1Drive shaft3304737000
162250HBF0364051-80712460130463Drive shaft2562947500
162250HI50100270.9Diameter reducing machine707612000
Deep groove ball bearing

162250KAF0364053-807121451002517#〜10# Cone box  - idler shaft533212000
162250UF0364041-6034 MA.P64170260428.4Gear box1531494000
162250WF0364054-807122140250429.1Gear box1601544000
162250XF0364045-6028 MA.P54140210334.1Gear box1111087000
Four point contact ball bearing

162250MAF0364043-8049745012049.2132.81#〜2# Roll box8311112000
Wire Rod Blocks Bearings

M438106C7040MP.UA.1002003105114Drive shaft2252902200
M438106A7220B.MP.UA100108343.63Hollow shaft1421244250
M438106BN226E.M1130230407.3Drive shaft4254453500
M438106DF7590361-5689064005004619.5Hollow shaft3753952600


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