Precautions for loading, unloading, storage and transportation of slewing

Precautions for loading, unloading, storage and transportation of slewing bearing

May 26, 2023

Many of the FV slewing bearing size is large,so in the loading and unloading and transportation process, all need to be extra careful.

The following points should be noted for FV slewing bearing transportation and storage:

1. Transport and storage should be placed horizontally, and storage must be placed in a dry room.

2. Ring screws should be used for hoisting in a horizontal way, and do not collide, especially in the radial direction.

3. The outer surface of the slewing-bearing is coated with anti-rust agent. The anti-rust period is generally 6 months. For more than 6 months of storage should be rust resistant packaging or take other storage measures.

4.For large size slewing bearing, the suitable iron shelf should be made to put the bearing ensure the safety of transportation.

large size slewing bearing

Preparation before installation

1.Unpack and check the attached certificate and the label on the slewing bearing to confirm that the model is consistent with the selected one.

2. Carefully check the appearance to confirm that the slewing bearing is not damaged in the transportation process, such as serious rust, deformation, etc.; Confirm whether there are soft belt marks and gear runout position marks (gear requirements quenching or customers have special requirements).

3. The installation bracket should have enough stiffness to prevent the slewing support from working normally due to the deformation caused by the insufficient steel of the bracket.

4. The installation surface must be clean, smooth, and free of iron scraps, raw edges or other debris. 

5. Bolts with appropriate strength registration should be selected for installation of slewing bearing. Bolts and nuts shall comply with GB3098.1 and G B3098.2 standards. Spring washers are prohibited.

slewing bearing transportation

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