The influence of the correct selection of grease on

The influence of the correct selection of grease on bearings

May 29, 2023

As is known to all, grease is one of the important factors of premature bearing failure. Universal grease can not meet the need of various bearings for use, as bearings are used in different working conditions, and correct lubrication is required to match grease and bearing working conditions.

FV bearing grease is to ensure smooth and worry-free working of bearings, even under extremely extreme working conditions. Grease can prevent pollutants from entering the inner part of the bearing, buffer impact load and prevent corrosion. Therefore, the selection of appropriate grease is the basic condition for obtaining a very long life of bearings.

Rolling bearing grease

The initial radial clearance of the bearing decreases gradually during the pushing process, and the size of the pushing quantity determines the degree of cooperation. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the initial radial clearance of the bearing before the device. During the pushing process of bearings, the radial clearance is constantly measured until the reach the requirement.

bearing grease

So, how to choose grease? Based on the following factors:

1. Bearing speed in general, when the speed is low, the bearing load is large, and the grease with small cone entry degree should be selected. On the contrary, the grease with large cone entry degree should be selected. 

2. At low temperature, grease thickens and hardens, base oil precipitation is little, shear strength increases during operation, which will block bearing and cannot achieve effective lubrication of bearing.

3. Viscosity of base oil The viscosity of base oil of grease is mainly affected by temperature. It decreases with the increase of temperature and increases with the decrease of temperature. Therefore, when choosing grease, it is necessary to know the viscosity of the base oil at the time of its working temperature. If the choice is wrong, all the preventive measures of bearings are in vain.

4.When the load rating is heavy on the bearing, grease with high viscosity of base oil and high content of thickener should be selected; When the load is particularly large or the bearing bears combined load, attention should be paid to the selection of grease with extreme pressure additives or fillers; In the case of medium and low load, grease with short soap fiber structure and medium viscosity base oil of No. 2 consistency is generally selected; In some extremely harsh or harsh lubrication conditions, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of grease should also be considered.

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