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TQOK series rolling mill bearings - Table List

Dec 02, 2021

The technical engineer of FV sorted out the old original Torringt* model and parameter table. If users are still using Torrington bearings and there is an urgent need for OEM to manufacture them, please contact FV's sales engineer.  The original Torringto* type TQOK bearing, with tapered bore for roll neck mounting, was developed for modern high speed rolling mill requirements. The TQOK bearingfeatures high capacity, compactness, and a mounting system that guarantees a positive inference fit on roll necks.  The tight-fitted twin cone mounting type TQOK provides extra mill rigidity and rolling accuracy by eliminating extraneous clearance. Rolling mill speeds in excess of 5,000 fpm are permissible.  Gauge uniformity is assured during the acceleration cycles of feeding the strip through the mill. The mill can be stopped and started without down time for screw adjustment.

The advantages of compactness of the TQOK design are numerous, but the chief advantage is the short lever arm required on the roll neck with reduction in neck bending stress. Conversely, more capacity can be obtained for any given space limit than with other bearing designs. These and other design features greatly improve rolling mill production and make the bearing ideal for back-up and work-roll mountings in 4-high and 2-high mills.

Torrington TQOK bearings in china

Type TQOK Design Features

Tapered Bore

The tapered bore design permits a positive interference fit between the bearing cones and roll neck. The tapered bore of 1" in 12" on diameter is referenced to the large end of the taper. The large end is mounted toward the mill roll thus achieving a stronger roll neck design.

Double Cone Design

Adapted from the proven TQO design, the double cone TQOK mounting achieves a positive interference fit. This provides maximum surface contact, prevents slippage and eliminates roll neck galling. No spacer is utilized between the matchground cones, minimizing bearing width and bringing the center of the bearing closer to the roll face for reduced neck bending stress.

Maximum Capacity

The tapered roller geometry of a cone on a cone, with the apex-on-center construction assures true rolling and minimum friction. The rollers are guided through the load zone by contact with the spherically ground integral guide rib. Only two center guide ribs are required with the TQOK construction, conserving bearing width and reducing the roll neck bending stress.

Combined Loads

A TQOK tapered roller bearing can sustain both radial and thrust loads, or any combination loading, without a separate thrust bearing package. Induced thrust resulting from radial loading is cancelled within the double cones and eliminates excessive loads on clamping and spacing members. Clamping must be included for the cups.

Minimum Friction

The coefficient of friction for starting and running is nearly the same. This minimizes roll slippage with resulting improvement of product quality, scrap reduction and longer roll life. The mill may be stopped and restarted without screwdown adjustment.

Bearing Assembly Interchangeability

The bearing bore is precision ground to a cone bore tolerance that is 1/4 that of commercial grade or class 4 tapered roller bearing. The cones are matchground to give continuity of the tapered bore accuracy and positive holding power for both cones. Such attention to high precision permits TQOK bearing assemblies to be interchanged on properly prepared roll necks.

Controlled Internal Clearance

An important TQOK design characteristic is its use of four single cups and three cup spacers. Running (diametral) clearance is controlled by spacer width. This eliminates regrinding of the mating cone faces when establishing the internal clearance at the mill.

Bearing Material

The use of vacuum degassed, ladle refined, low oxygen carburizing grade alloy steel on the TQOK rings and rollers results in a fine grain structure after heat treatment. Size stability is insured by using a sub-zero quench. These advantages are obtained:

long fatigue life

hard, wear-resistant rolling and raceway surfaces

high impact resistance

high fracture toughness

Lubrication Provisions

Circumferential lubrication grooves and radial holes are provided in the three cup spacers for grease, oil, or oil mist. Double cone bore lubrication grooves are modifications for the types TQO and TQSHL for improved rollneck lubrication.

Simplified Mounting

The Torrington TQOK design provides for unit assembly of the chock, bearing, seals and fillet spacer ring. This prevents bearing contamination and seal damage when the chock assembly is removed from the roll neck.

FV bearings can provide perfect OEM manufacturing.  Welcome users of steel mills all over the world to contact us.

Load rating (kN)
BearingdDBTMassDynamic LoadStatic Load
223TQOK756 CA481228.87812.8593.725593.72510851781226154
105TQOK503 AA229266.7355.6230.188228.66218502980
113TQOK9540 AD1795287.33406.349298.45298.4513336835360
125TQOK9506 AA1254317.5438.15276.225276.2251423380.54913
125TQOK556 AA957317.5447.675327.025327.02518049597277
136TQOK591 AA957346.075488.95358.775358.77521059578718
145TQOK611 AA957368.3523.875382.588382.588303694610241
145TQOK9611 AD1254368.3523.875382.588382.58830158738376
151TQOK641 AA957384.175546.1400.05400.05339764311229
165TQOK663 AA957419.1590.55434.975434.975408901713073
170TQOK679 AA957431.8571.5336.55336.5525563169590
176TQOK680 BA235446.192635463.55463.554651047215372
176TQOK680 BA1159446.192635463.55463.554651047215372
176TQOK680 AA957447.675635463.55463.554621047215372
181TQOK691 BA1573460.375596.9276.225279.419646537224
188TQOK695 AB957479.425679.45495.3495.362131054567
192TQOK695 AB957488.95679.45495.3495.35971242118267
197TQOK713 AA957501.65711.2520.7520.77171286019037
200TQOK719 AA957508695.325415.925415.925508990615205
208TQOK721 AA957530.225736.6536.575536.5757591427516813
215TQOK738 BA099547.688761.873558.8558.88491578223308
220TQOK745 AA957558.8736.6409.575409.5755111030215835
223TQOK756 CA1211569.009812.8593.725593.72510851781226154
225TQOK756 AA957571.5812.8593.725593.72510441781226154
225TQOK756 BA536571.5812.8593.725593.72510441781226154
225TQOK756 EA1427571.5812.8593.725593.72510441781226154
225TQOK756 BA1210571.5812.8593.725593.72510441781226154
234TQOK770 AA957595.313844.55615.95615.9511971864428268
250TQOK788 AA957635901.7654.05654.0513192168132559
258TQOK804 AA957657.225933.45676.275676.27516092053233308
263TQOK802 AA957669.925933.45725.488725.48816602579037861
268TQOK811 AA957682.625965.2701.675701.67517692544338075
268TQOK811 CC764682.625965.2701.675701.67517692544336652
281TQOK814 AA957714.3751016704.85704.8519922642138698
293TQOK813 BA235744.5381035.05755.65755.6521152897642452
293TQOK822 AA957746.1251181.1736.6736.633432889841687
295TQOK821 AC1355749.3990.6605.003605.00312492119032359
295TQOK821 AC937749.3990.6605.003605.00312492119032359
295TQOK819 AA229749.31130.3685.8685.826592529137012
300TQOK824 AA9577621079.5787.4787.426323019144480
300TQOK824 CA15537621079.5787.4787.426323019144480
306TQOK828 AA957777.8751079.5793.75793.7524083177146670
312TQOK836 AA957793.751123.95819.15819.1530063552451419
325TQOK832 AA957825.51168.4844.55844.5528403629653127
325TQOK832 CA1553825.51168.4844.55844.5528403629653127
326TQOK843 AA957828.6751143825.5825.527703551652195
326TQOK841 AA957828.675114376276225573199447282
340TQOK848 AA957863.61130.3669.925669.92522172668841033
340TQOK848 BB1721863.61130.3669.925669.92522172668841033
340TQOK837 AA957863.61219.2876.388935144012158340
343TQOK842 AA957873.1251181.1714.375714.37524472971344480
343TQOK845 AA957873.1251168.4717.55723.923423167047407
355TQOK860 AA957901.71295.4901.7914.442234476064763
370TQOK862 AA957939.81333.5952.5952.546154701167681
395TQOK865 AA13191004.8881308.1763.575763.57530773675855974
472TQOK882 AA9571200.151593.85990.6990.659006087090739

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