The Main Reason for Roll

The Main Reason for Roll Spalling

Aug 02, 2021

In the metallurgical industry, rolling mill bearings and rolls are used in conjunction with each other. In addition to the roll neck bearing, there is also a thrust bearing that cooperates with the roll. When communicating with customers on-site usage, customers often have problems with rolls, and the most common problem is roll peeling. Let’s analyze the cause of roll peeling today.


The cause of roll peeling can be classified as:

1, The peeling of a high-hardness roll caused by surface damage. Due to the rolling accident or improper maintenance of the roll during use, the surface of the roll is locally subject to thermal shock, which changes the surface structure of the roll, causing cracks or soft areas. If these damages cannot be removed in time, during use cracks will propagate and cause spalling. This is the most common type of roll spalling, especially on high-hardness rolls.

2, Surface peeling caused by fatigue cracks. This is a common type of peeling that exists on the intermediate roll and the backing roll. Due to the long roll change cycle, the fatigue cracks initiating on the surface of the roll cause peeling.

3, Spalling caused by metallurgical defects. The slag inclusions in the steel exceed the standard, or the carbide distribution is not good, and cracks will germinate during use and cause spalling.


Hope these reasons analysis can help customers. If you have requirements for rolling mill bearings, whether it is a single row, double row or four-row rolling mill bearings, or if there are any problems during the trial process, welcome to contact us.

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