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Why do angular contact ball bearings need to be used in pairs?

Feb 01, 2024

Angular contact ball bearings are a common bearing type mainly used to bear axial and radial loads, especially in high-speed and high-precision applications. Pairing refers to the combination of two or more angular contact ball bearings to achieve better performance and longer service life. The following are the reasons why angular contact ball bearing pairs are suitable:

Increase stiffness and stability: By pairing and applying, the load-bearing capacity of two or more angular contact ball bearings can be integrated to improve the stiffness and strength of the entire system. It helps ensure that the machine or equipment remains stable and reduces deformation or bending when subjected to load.

Enhanced load-bearing capacity: Paired suitable angular contact ball bearings can provide greater load-bearing capacity. By combining multiple bearings, you can spread the load and reduce the burden on individual bearings, allowing the bearings to operate at higher loads. It will enable angular contact ball bearings to maintain performance under extreme operating conditions.

Reduce Friction and Wear: Pairing suitable angular contact ball bearings helps reduce friction and wear. During the pairing process, precision-matched bearings ensure that internal friction is minimized and the wear rate is reduced. In addition, bearing performance and service life can be further optimized by selecting and pairing bearings with similar dimensions and characteristics.

Improve rotation accuracy and stability: The matched pairing of angular contact ball bearings helps improve rotation accuracy and stability. By accurately matching the inner and outer rings and rolling elements of the bearing, vibration, and deviation during operation can be reduced, ensuring the precise operation of the machine or equipment. It is essential in situations where high-precision positioning and stable rotation are required.


The picture above is the FV brand Double-row angular contact ball bearing 305262D with an accuracy of P6.

Easy maintenance and replacement: Paired suitable angular contact ball bearings are easy to maintain and replace. When one bearing needs to be replaced, the matching bearing can be returned at the same time without dismantling the entire system. It saves maintenance time and costs and improves the overall operating efficiency of the equipment.

Achieve preloading: Preloading can be achieved by pairing suitable angular contact ball bearings. Preloading eliminates backlash and increases bearing stiffness, further enhancing system stability and performance. Proper preloading can reduce vibration and noise, improve rotation accuracy, and extend the service life of bearings.

Adapt to different operating temperatures and environmental conditions: The matching of angular contact ball bearings takes into account various operating temperatures and environmental conditions. By selecting and pairing bearings with other materials, sizes, and thermal expansion coefficients, you can ensure good performance and service life under different temperatures and environmental conditions.

Improved reliability and safety: Pairing suitable angular contact ball bearings can improve the reliability and safety of the entire system. By selecting bearings that have undergone strict quality inspection and performance testing for pairing, the occurrence of failures and accidents can be reduced, ensuring that the machine or equipment remains stable and safe during long-term operation.

Association effect: Synergies can be achieved by pairing suitable angular contact ball bearings. By adequately matching bearings of different specifications, models, or brands, comprehensive performance that is better than using a single bearing alone can be obtained. It can make full use of the characteristics and advantages of different bearings to achieve better performance.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency: Pairing suitable angular contact ball bearings can help reduce costs and improve efficiency. In some cases, matching can reduce the number of bearings required and thus reduce procurement costs. At the same time, by extending the service life of the bearings and improving the overall performance of the equipment, production efficiency can be improved, and maintenance costs can be reduced.


The picture above is the Single row angular contact ball bearing 7028BGM customized by FV for customers.

To sum up, the purpose of matching angular contact ball bearings is to improve stiffness and stability, enhance load-bearing capacity, reduce friction and wear, improve rotation accuracy and stability, facilitate maintenance and replacement, achieve preloading, and adapt to different operating temperatures. Environmental conditions improve reliability and safety, reduce costs, and improve benefits. By adequately matching and matching angular contact ball bearings, equipment performance can be further optimized, service life can be extended, and operating costs can be reduced. Therefore, when designing and selecting angular contact ball bearings, the importance of suitable matching should be fully considered to ensure the best overall benefits.

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