Split spherical roller bearings

Split spherical roller bearings

FV split spherical roller bearing is widely used in (Ultra-Large Split Bearings for BOFs and Converter Trunnions and bucket wheel reclaimer spindle. Quick installation is its brightest advantage. Size range: 120 - 1250 mm (Bore dimensions) Delivery: 30 - 50 days

Split sphericai roller bearings are primarily used for bearing positions which are difficult to access.such as for long shafts which are supported at several positions or for cranked shafts. Their use is also beneficial where non-split bearings require considerabie extra effort and time for maintenance and particularly replacement which would cause long and expensive,or perhaps even inadmissible machine down time. Split spherical roller bearings offer the optimum solution to such problems The main application fields are conveyor equipment, converter bearing arrange- ments, long multiple-supported shafts as well as large ventilation plant.

Split spherical roller bearings are pro duced by FV to order. The design is tailored to the particular application and. for cost reasons, is generally based on available standard bearings. The selection of bearings shown in the tables is intended to illustrate the FV manufacturing cap ability by presenting bearings which have been made. Before finalising a bearing arrangement design incorporating asplit spherical roller bearing it is advisable to consult the FV application engineering service.

Split bearing units for continuous casting plant

FV has developed ready-to-mount split bearing units specifically designed for use on the drive rollers in the cooling zone of continuous casting plant. The special housings are of cast steel and are water cooled. The housing top with its integral cooling chamber has a low sectional height because the standard design incorporates only one bearing outer ring half which is placed in the base of the housing. The spherical roller bearing of the unit normally consists of two inner ring halves with lubrication groove and holes, four clamping ring and cage halves, one outer ring half and two lamellar sealingrings with one split. The inner ring division is at an angle to the bearing axis.

Further information on FV split bearing units for continuous casting plant will be sent on request.


As already stated, FV split sherical roller bearings are based for the most part on non-split bearings of standard design.

Consequently they represent state-of-the- art engineering. All the split bearings have a cylindrical bore and an annular groove and lubrication holes in the outer ring to facilitate efficient lubrication.  The joins of the inner rings are at an angle to the bear ing axis in order to guarantee uninter

rupted over-rolling of the join. The bearing rings and cage are divided in the middle and the ring halves are held together either by screws or by clamping rings.

BSR.1 design

Inner ring screwed together. Two integral retaining flanges. Split inner ring centred machined brass cage.

BSR.2 design

Inner ring with two integral retaining

flanges. Loose split clamping rings.Split inner ring centred machined brass cage.

BSR.3 design

Inner ring with two integral retaining

flanges. Loose split clamping rings. Split machined pin-type cage of steel.


The dimensions of split spherical roller bearings have not been standardised.


Split spherical roller bearings are self-aligning and permit angular misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing of some 1 to 1.5°


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