The most popular Toroidal roller bearings are used in continuous casting

The most popular Toroidal roller bearings are used in continuous casting machines

Dec 22, 2021

CARB - Toroidal Roller bearings from CHINA FV BEARING

In steel making equipment, the continuous casting machine needs to install a large number of bearings. In particular, spring bushing bearings, SRB and CARB (Toroidal roller bearings) have the largest demand. These CARB bearings work in this harsh environment of high temperature, high humidity and high load The internal clearance of these bearings is usually C3 or C4, And has high temperature resistance. This is a great challenge for bearing manufacturers. FV's engineers are always active in the production site of the steel plant. The commonly used CARB bearing models are counted. Share with global users. It is gratifying that FV has manufactured and prepared sufficient CARB bearing inventory. It can be sent to users at the fastest speed.  Save a lot of manufacturing costs for global steel users.

CARB - Toroidal Roller bearings from CHINA FV BEARING INDUSTRIES

Bearing ModelsBasic Dimensions (mm)Load Rating(kN)Mass (Kg)Bearing SeriesApplication site of CCM
C4022V/C4 S3110170605008005.15CARBArc section idler roll
C4024V/C4 S2 M119120180605308805.5CARBArc section drive roll
C4026V/C4 S2 Ml181302006972011208.05CARBArc section drive roll
24026 CC/W331302000.694728527.55SRBArc section drive roll
C4028-2CS5 V140210695709007.9CARBArc section idler roll
C4030V/C4 S215022575780132010.5CARBStraightening & horizontal section idler roll
24030 CC/W3315022575570107010.1CARBStraightening & horizontal section idler roll
C4032V/C4 S216024080915146012.6CARBStraightening & horizontal section drive roll
C4032V/C4V M11816024080915146012.6CARBStraightening & horizontal section idler roll
24032 CC/W3316024080652123012.2SRBStraightening & horizontal section idler roll
C5915V/C475105402043251.1CARBArc section idler roll
C5916V80110402083451.2CARBArc section idler roll
C5918-CS5V/C390125462244001.75CARBArc section idler roll
Mould table roll
C6915-CS5V/C475105542043251.4CARBArc section idler roll
24015CC/C4W33S375115401732321.55SRBArc section idler roll
23218CC/W339016052.43554404.65SRBArc section idler roll
23022 CC/W33110170452724523.65SRBArc section idler roll
24024 CC/W33120180603806755.05SRBArc section drive roll
24122 CC/W33110180694587756.63SRBArc section drive roll
NNCF5008DAV.C4.S34068381061400.56CRBMold guide assembly
Arc section
C4122V/C41101806967010007.05CARBArc section idler roll
C4126V/C413021080750110010.5CARBArc section idler roll
C5920V/C4100140543756402.7CARBArc section idler roll
C3032V/C4160240606009809.6CARBArc section idler roll
C3028V/C4140210534907356.3CARBArc section idler roll
C4034V/C4170260901140186017.5CARBArc section idler roll
C4034V/C4V M1I8170260901140186017.5CARBArc section idler roll
C3034V17026067750116012.5CARBArc section idler roll
C3044V/C4220340901320204029CARBArc section idler roll
C3120V/C4100165524756554.4CARBArc section idler roll
C4128V/C4140225851000160014.2CARBSecondary cooling section
C5020V/C4100150675108654.3CARBSecondary cooling section
C4024V/C4120180605308805.5CARBSecondary cooling section
C4124V/C312020080780112010.5CARBcooling section

Because SKF carb series bearings are the first to come out. Therefore, carb has become the most widely used continuous caster bearing. For example, C4020V, C5020V, C3120V, C4022V, C4122V, C4024, C4026V, C4126V, C2226V, C4028V, C4030V, C4130V, C4032V, C4034V and other models are the most popular.  Now the bearing brands in the USA, Germany and Japan also have their own alternative design schemes. 

(For example, Timke* brand ADAPT bearing TA4020V, TA4028V C4, TA4032V C4 etc. )

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