The most popular rod rebar rolling mill bearings (1)

The most popular rod rebar rolling mill bearings (1)

Dec 27, 2021

four-row cylindrical roller bearings from FV in stock

Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings  ( Sortiment der mehrreihigen Zylinderrollenlager )

      ——— Small and medium diameter Four row cylindrical roller bearings

Complete bearing modelOuter ring and rolling element assemblyInner ringBasic dimensionsInterchange
Dimensional Rotation
d [mm]






R 315643

L 315643

313924 AR 313924L 313924 A145225156169P6P5
314625R 314625L 314625145210155166P6P5
313891 AR 313891 AL 313891 A150230156174P6P5
314190R 314190L 314190160230130180P6P5
315189 AR 314024 CL 315189160230168179P6P5
315642/VJ202R 315642/VJ202L 315642/VJ202165.1225.45168.3181P6P5

BC2B 322340


L-BC2B 322340

313812R 313812L 313812180260168202P6P5
313651R 312942L 313651190260168212P6P5
314049 CR 314049 AL 314049 C190280200214P6P5
314199 BR 314199 BL 314199 B190270200212P6P5
313811R 313811L 313811200290192226P6P5
313893R 313583L 313893200280200222P6P5
314385R 314385L 314385200280170222P6P5
314553R 313153200270170222P6P5
313646R 312858L 313646210290192236P6P5
313839R 313839L 313839220310192246P6P5
313894 BR 313584L 313894 B220310225244P6P5
313581 AR 313581 AL 313581 A230365250266P6P5
313824R 313824L 313824230330206260P6P5
313921R 312943 CL 313921240330220270P6P5
635194 AR 635194 AL 635194240330180265P6P5
313823R 313823L 313823260370220292P6P5
313822R 313822L 313822280390220312P6P5
314719 CR 314719 CL 314719 C280390275308P6P5
314484 DR 314484 DL 314484300420300332P6P5

The multi-row cylindrical roller rolling mill bearings in the above table are all in stock.  If you need this kind of high-speed rod, rebar rolling mill bearing, please contact our sales engineer:

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